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Before applying for an alternative student loan (a private loan), apply for Federal Financial Aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Only apply for an alternative student loan if you are NOT eligible for Federal Financial Aid or if you need additional funds for education. The following are lenders which have been frequently used by JCCC students. Lenders are removed if they no longer are administering alternative loans. Please be advised that these are not the only lenders available; it is the student's responsibility to determine the best alternative loan for their needs. JCCC does not endorse any lender, nor does it or its employees receive any compensation or benefits from any lender. The student is free to use a private alternative lender of their choice.

Federal regulations now require lenders to send three disclosure notices to borrowers and co-signers to ensure borrowers are properly informed regarding the terms & conditions of the loan. This process will lengthen the time it takes from applying for a loan until the funds are received.

Students must be enrolled in order for the school to certify an alternative loan. Don't forget to plan ahead since it takes at least ten business days after certification for a loan to arrive at the school.