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Private Lending for Higher Education

Welcome to FastChoice

Carroll students and parents are free to seek non-federal educational loans through any lender they choose. As a service to our families and at their request, we have provided a recommended list of lenders for your consideration. We have evaluated the offerings of these lenders and feel confident that they are providing the best benefits, interest rates and customer service to our students and parents.

You are not limited to those who appear on Carroll's list. We will process a loan from an lender you choose to borrow from.

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Searching for a Private Loan?

There are many ways to pay for higher education, and choosing the right approach requires a good understanding of your options, your responsibilities, and the various details of each lender's loan products.

It's a lot to keep in mind. FastChoice makes it easy by providing you with information about private loans in an easy-to-understand format, to help you determine which private student loan best meets your needs.

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Borrowing Essentials

Borrowing Essentials provides an interactive overview of some basic information about borrowing money to pay for your education.

The next few pages will quickly get you up to speed. Having a good understanding of these topics will help you get the most out of what you borrow on the best possible terms. You'll be better equipped to make an informed decision.