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Private Lending for Higher Education

Welcome to FastChoice

Welcome to FASTChoice, an on-line tool for selecting an Alternative loan. Alternative loans may be used to supplement the difference between your financial aid award and the total cost of your education when all other options for funding have been exhausted. Norwich University suggests that families carefully consider applying for federal loans before private loans. Federal loans have benefits for borrowers that private loans may not offer. Please call the Financial Aid office or visit our website for more information about the Federal Direct loan program. If you determine that an alternative loan option is the right choice for you, we encourage you to take the time to carefully explore the loan programs. Norwich is providing this tool (FASTChoice) which will assist you in identifying a lender. FASTChoice will allow users to view side by side comparisons of benefits and loan terms to assist in selecting the best option for your family. Please keep in mind that the lenders included in this list are just a sampling of lenders students have used previously. You are not required to choose one of these lenders. You may choose a loan through any lender whether listed in FASTChoice or not.