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Welcome to FASTChoice, an on-line tool for choosing an Alternative loan if needed. PSU suggests that families seriously consider applying for federal before private loans. Federal loans have rights for borrowers that private loans may not offer. It is always better for families to CONSIDER FEDERAL AID FIRST. Please call our Financial Aid office or visit our website for links to apply for PSU's Federal Direct loans. For any alternative loans needed to fill gaps in your aid, YOU MAY CHOOSE ANY LENDER, including a lender with whom you have an established financial relationship. PSU is providing this NEW tool(FASTChoice) which will assist you in identifying a lender. This tool is provided by Great Lakes Higher Education Assistance Corporation (GLHEAC), a guarantor and servicer who works with lenders PSU families have used in the past. FASTChoice will also allow users to view side by side comparisons of benefits and loan terms to assist in selecting the best option for your family. Don't see the lender you want to use? Not a problem. This neutral list is merely a starting point. Students can choose to borrow from any lender whether listed here in FASTChoice or not. In recent years, many credit unions have begun to offer competitive rates on alternative student loans. Since credit union membership is required to take advantage of those rates, it is difficult to list them on a general lender list. However, joining a credit union is generally as simple as opening a $5 or $10 savings account.

Many states have higher education agencies that offer their residents very attractive student loan options to finance any remaining gaps after federal eligibility has been exhausted. Visit http://www.plymouth.edu/finaid/aidtypes/alternativeloans.html for more information.

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