St. Cloud State University

Private Lending for Higher Education

Loan Product Disclosures

The lenders and loan options presented in FASTChoice were selected for the terms and benefits they provide to borrowers. St. Cloud State University has worked with these lenders in the past, and previous borrowers had positive experiences working with them. We welcome and encourage your feedback regarding your experience with these and other lenders.

To determine which lenders and loan options to present, we use criteria based on your interests and not those of our institution. We recognize only those lenders who provide you with exceptional customer service, competitive interest rates, no or low origination fees, timely processing, and electronic funds transfer capabilities when possible.

All of the information provided on the Loan Options page is reviewed annually to ensure that the benefits that the lenders offer continue to adhere to our criteria. Lenders are added and removed as appropriate.

You are free to choose any lender, including those not presented. If you choose a lender that is not presented, please contact the financial aid office. Application processing will not be delayed unnecessarily if you choose a lender not presented.

Our officials are prohibited from accepting any financial or other benefits in exchange for displaying lenders and loan options in FASTChoice. Prohibited activities include: receiving compensation to serve on any lender board of directors or advisory boards; accepting gifts including trips, meals, and entertainment; allowing lenders to staff our institution's financial aid office; allowing lenders to place our institution's name or logo on any of their products; and owning of lenders' stock (for college officials who make financial decisions for our institution).

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