Minnesota State University Mankato

Private Lending for Higher Education

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Please Select the Appropriate Option

Begin by choosing the option below that best matches your situation.

  • Less Than 6 Credits
    For students who are enrolled in less than 6 credits for a semester.

  • Undergraduate students
    When federal financial aid and other resources are exhausted and you still need to cover the cost of college, there are a variety of loan options. Most of these loans require a co-signer.

  • Graduate students
    Loan options for students enrolled in Graduate programs - e.g. Certificate, Masters, Doctoral, etc.

  • Parent or Sponsor
    Loan options for parents or other individuals willing to borrow a loan for the student's college expenses. The student is not the borrower for these types of loans.

  • Not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress
    Loan options for students not eligible for financial aid due to not meeting the University's Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards - SAPS.

  • Past Due
    Loan options for students with a past due balance for a prior semester or term.