Morningside College

Private Lending for Higher Education

Loan Product Disclosures

Morningside College chose the following private lenders by reviewing the following criteria in an unbiased manner: previous lender service to borrowers, previous lender service to Morningside College, ease of loan processing, borrower benefits, and terms/conditions of the lender's products. Morningside College and all other Schools are required to process loan applications for any eligible private lender the student/parent selects. Students must utilize all Federal student aid options prior to utilizing a private student loan.

Morningside College encourages you to explore how student loan debt may affect your financial future through the Student Loan Game Plan. Student Loan Game Plan provides personalized real-time results and lets you develop an action plan to help reduce your need to borrow. To access the Student Loan Game Plan, click on the STUDENT LOAN GAME PLAN link below. It will take you to a separate website. (Note, while we encourage you to explore the Student Loan Game Plan, it is not required.)

Student Loan Game Plan

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