Buena Vista University

Private Lending for Higher Education

Loan Product Disclosures

Buena Vista University chose the lenders on our Preferred Lender List, by reviewing the following criteria (these are not in order of importance) in an unbiased manner.

1.Terms and conditions of the lender's loan products (for example, interest rate, options for repayment length, etc.)

2.Borrower Benefits (for example, lender payment of fees, interest rate reductions for on-time payments)

3.Previous lender service to borrowers

4.Loan processing (for example, speed of loan approval and disbursement, error resolution)

The review was performed by the Office of Financial Assistance staff at Buena Vista University. The Buena Vista University financial aid staff reviews this criteria annually to ensure that our students receive the best possible service and benefits associated with their federal and private educational loans. It is Buena Vista University's belief that each lender's record of service to borrowers is of utmost importance as a long term relationship exists between a loan borrower and the lender that could last up to 25 years.

You should also conduct your own web-based search.

Buena Vista respects a borrower's right to lender choice and will not in any way deny or otherwise impede a loan application certification for a borrower who chooses a lender not listed on the Buena Vista University Preferred Lender List. Each lender on our Preferred Lender List has agreed to provide an expedited loan application and disbursement process for our students and their parents. Please keep in mind that a different lender may require a more manual loan application or disbursement process that may lead to delayed disbursements of your loan funds.

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