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Thank you for using FASTChoice to choose your education loan! The lenders listed on our website have offered quality service to our students in the past and we expect the same quality service in the future. The terms of the loans offered are competitive in the alternative loan industry. It is our desire to provide loans to assist you as you attend Taylor University but we also seek lenders who lend responsibly. This involves a credit check for each borrower which determines whether or not you are granted the loan and determines your interest rate for the loan. Each student should review the terms and conditions of the various private alternative loan options to determine which loan fits your individual needs This is not an exhaustive list of lenders offering alternative loans and it is your option to seek a loan from any lender you so choose. To apply through a lender of your choice you will contact that lender and apply through their process. You will need to ensure the loan request reaches the Taylor University Financial Aid Office as we are required to complete a school certification with each lender. Loan funds from a lender outside the list provided will most likely be disbursed via a paper check and you will be required to sign the loan check in the Bursar's Office.

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