University of Denver

Private Lending for Higher Education

Loan Product Disclosures

In the Office of Financial Aid, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to students and families and realize that securing financial resources to cover educational expenses can be challenging. We chose to offer a private loan lender list as a means to offer our professional expertise in locating a competitive private student loan. However, lenders appearing on this list may not represent the best possible options for all students. We encourage students to investigate other alternative loan options beyond this list. We will certify private educational loan requests from any lender of your choice, whether or not they appear on the preferred lender list.

A committee comprised of financial aid staff members completed a thorough review of many lenders who responded to our Request for Information (RFI). In reviewing RFI responses, the committee searched for lenders who provide the most competitive loan offers to students. Our preferred lenders were deliberately included because of their:

- Strong commitment to customer service

- borrower benefits, such as repayment and graduation incentives

- broad student eligibility requirements, which provide options to students who may not be eligible for federal student aid

- zero origination or repayment fees

- competitive variable and fixed interest rate offerings

- options for forbearance and death or permanent disability discharge

- transparency regarding the effects of capitalizing interest

- options for in-school repayment

- willingness to provide co-signer release when the student borrower has demonstrated their ability to repay the loan on their own